KODAP legal s.r.o. Law Office, with its registered office in the centre of Liberec, offers specialised legal services in the fields of tax law, commercial law, real estate law and labour law.

Solicitor Mgr. David Hejzlar, a qualified expert in tax procedural law–the representation of clients during tax disputes, with ample experience in the fields of commercial law, insolvency law and others, assures the services of the law office. Solicitor Mgr. Miroslav Kohout chiefly specialises in contractual relationships in the field of commercial and civil law and in labour and real estate law. In relation to commercial law, our solicitors chiefly have extensive experience with mergers and other forms of transformation of trading companies. However, the scope of services offered also includes other fields of corporate law, as well as the field of commercial contract law.

Our law office works closely with tax consultants and auditors active in the KODAP group ( This partnership provides our clients with a complex scope of services, chiefly in the field of tax and commercial law. Direct contact with economists, tax consultants, auditors, accountants and wage experts, and notaries, as well as our clear-cut specialisation, makes our Liberec law office an ideal partner, particularly for the following:

  • consultancy and representation during tax proceedings, potentially also during related court disputes,
  • establishment and transformation of companies as well as other legal services in the field of corporate law,
  • consultancy in the field of commercial contract law, including representation during commercial legal disputes,
  • complex legal consultancy in the field of real estate law,
  • dealing with problems related to labour law.

Our specialisation ensures our clients receive the highest quality of legal services, strictly taking into account the economic and tax context and consequences. Our goal is to find an appropriate, effective and rapid legal solution for the client’s specific problem or situation, while always protecting and applying his rights and justified interests in commercial relationships or in relationships with public administration bodies. Professionalism, reliability and discreetness are a matter of course for our law office

David Hejzlar

Pomáháme nalézat a prosazovat spravedlnost a právo.

David Hejzlar
advokát, partner

Miroslav Kohout

„Flexibilita a rychlost jsou základem naší práce“

Miroslav Kohout
advokát, partner

Hana Vrbíková

Diskrétnost a individuální přístup je pro nás samozřejmostí.

Hana Vrbíková

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